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Cyber criminals aren’t in lockdown

BizNeedzBusiness Cyber criminals aren’t in lockdown

Cyber criminals aren’t in lockdown


The Australian Cyber Security Centre received more than 67,500 cybercrime reports in 2020-21, that’s a staggering one incident every eight minutes!!!! Many of these incidents were targeting businesses resulting in business losses from email scams alone surging past $50,000 on average.

ACSC chief Abigail Bradshaw said there was now a “triple extortion” happening for some victims to make them pay up: the initial instance of being locked out of their data or network, then a threat to publish sensitive data, then finally a threat to destroy back-up systems.

There have been increased reports of business email compromise, where criminals impersonate a trusted supplier or business representative to scam victims out of money or goods by issuing fake invoices or purchase orders.

Review the 10-point checklist below to help ensure that your business doesn’t become a victim of cyber crime!


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