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FREE High Performance Business Quiz 

High Performance businesses typically achieve a greater level of profit and create more value for all shareholders. They are also less stressful to manage, leverage and grow. This questionnaire, based on the 7 step process developed by MAUS Business Systems and used worldwide, will take less than 7 minutes to run and will help determine whether you have the basic “high performance” strategic and operational framework in place to be successful.

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Download your FREE eBook – A guide to navigating your journey through the Business Lifecycle. This book takes you on a journey through each of the typical phases of the business lifecycle, providing an in depth look at the characteristics of, and challenges faced in, each phase. More importantly it provides a range of practical focus areas which will greatly improve your chances of success through each phase.

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Simple Cashflow Management Tool

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but everyone knows that cash is king.  Ensure you treat your cash like a king by effectively managing your cashflow. Our free handy cashflow statement will help you stay in control of your finances. It’s purposefully simple and easy to set up and follow.


Starting a Business Checklist

If you’re thinking about starting a business then check out our 32 point checklist which covers many of the key areas you need to consider and understand before you get started. There are also many valuable tips to ensure you start your business off on the right foot.


Business Health Check

This simple Business Health Check allows you to rate your business in 10 key areas which are generally considered critical components of a healthy business. Once you have rated your business an overall score is calculated. This tool is useful for identifying critical areas of your business that may require additional focus and improvement.


Business Canvas (Plan on a Page)

The Business Canvas, often referred to as a Plan on a Page, is a template that can help your business simplify its planning process in a highly visual manner. It is ideal for start-ups and other small businesses looking for an internal planning mechanism which is easy to fill out and share with your team, yet highly effective in facilitating your planning process.


Business Plan (Comprehensive) 

No one plans to fail, but some fail to plan.  Don’t be one of them – our comprehensive business plan template will guide you through step by step to make the process easier and more manageable.  Working through this process will ensure you carefully examine every area of your business goals and methods for achieving these goals.


Financial Ratios Tool 

Like all things finance, ratios have a language of their own but once you spend a little time understanding them, they can help propel you to a whole new level of performance. They can provide some critical diagnostics which will help you better understand how your business is performing and what areas may need further attention.