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Business Advisory & Coaching

Our team of professionals will provide you with expert guidance and practical solutions to help accelerate your business and personal performance. They will:

Help implement processes that will allow you to “step outside your business”

Help implement accountability systems and make sure you are prioritising and making the best decisions

Provide “wise council” and a fresh unbiased perspective to the way you manage and grow your business


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Planning for Success

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, success begins with good planning. However, for many busy business owners juggling a myriad of important tasks every day, finding the time and headspace to develop effective business plans is always a major struggle. Our consultants work with you to understand the current gaps in your business and create a comprehensive business plan to help you identify and achieve your objectives. 

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Profit Improvement

Our consultants will help to analyse your business customers and revenue drivers to help you attract more customers and grow your business while also reviewing your costs to identify any inefficiencies which may be impacting your profitability. This is such a vitally important process which is often overlooked by many business owners who are spending all their time working in the business.


Performance Reporting & Staying on Course

This program is designed to work on business and staff performance and accountability. We will help unlock ideas and talent through engaging with staff and measuring overall business performance through a range of specially developed dashboard reporting and Success Scorecards focussing on the most relevant and important areas of your business. This will ensure you always have up to date information with which to build the be strategies and business plans for your business and quickly identify problem areas (potentially before they become serious issues).

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Systems & Processes

Our advisors will work with you on streamlining your business systems and processes with a view to cutting out inefficiencies. This work will often lead to improvements in productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, profitability and reduced risk of legal liability.

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Board of Success

An Advisory Board is a body of established professionals that advises management of a business or foundation. Many successful new or small businesses choose to establish an advisory board to benefit from the knowledge of others, without the expense or formality of a Board of Directors.

We aim to establish advisory boards which are flexible in nature and structured to best suit your industry, drawing on the experience of industry professionals if and as required to help you build a high performance business.

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Business Turnaround

Services designed specifically around reviving a struggling business. When your business is in the doldrums it can often be difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Our Business Turnaround services provide a step by step program focussing on taking stock of where your business is at, understanding your current cash position and cash burn rate, managing creditors and other external parties, identifying opportunities for growing your revenue and reducing costs, all while building resilience into your business operations as well as yourself personally.

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Exit & Succession Planning

Are you thinking about selling your business? Even if you’re not, all business owners should consider what their ultimate exit strategy should look like. What is the business worth today and how much would you like it to be worth in the future? How do you best prepare your business to be attractive to potential buyers? How well would your business operate without you?

We will work with you to implement proven best in class systems designed to improve the value of your business. The outcome will be a plan to sell your business for more money or smoothly transition the operations to your nominated successor.